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It all started with one very short dog named Gizmo.

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Corgie World
CorgieWorld celebrates Corgis in all their glories.
These sturdy, foxy-eared dogs originated in Wales,
where for centuries they have herded livestock. Corgis are notable for their short legs and big hearts, their intelligence & good humor.

Like most herding dogs, Corgis are happiest
with their flock assembled, and will try to round up errant members.

CorgieWorld honors both Pembroke Welsh Corgis
and their bigger-boned cousins, the Cardigans;
both kinds of Corgis love bountifully and live exuberantly
(the Pembroke just a bit more so).

Everything in CorgieWorld is offered for the delight of Corgis and Corgi lovers everywhere, and 15% of the annual profits from CorgieWorld benefits Gizmo's selection of charities for Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Gizmo presides over this world as the principle Corgi; may his adventures entertain you, his wise counsel guide you, and his love warm your heart wherever you wander.