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All the things Gizmo loves - from combs to vacuum cleaners.
The list keeps growing, so check back often for gifts & treats.

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Miele CapricornMiele Capricorn Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, it is expensive, but this vacuum cleaner can corral all those Corgi hairs - even the little fine floaty ones that somehow end up inside your clean teacups. And the Miele will do this every day for many years, which is exactly what one requires with a Corgi. Most important, the Miele doesn't hurt Corgi ears the way other vacuum cleaners do. (Now you know: all those years when your Corgi was barking at the vacuum cleaner, it wasn't just because he thought the vacuum cleaner was an alien; it was because the noise - much of which you couldn't even hear - hurt his sensitive ears.)

Chris Christensen Systems: White on White Shampoo & After BathChris Christensen Systems: White on White Shampoo & After Bath

A vast collection of grooming supplies, including combs, brushes, shampoos, thickeners & conditioners. The White on White Shampoo - which is purple - brightens all colors, especially white, and will clean even the dingiest of Corgi socks. Just before the final rinse, use After Bath to de-tangle the coat and make combing-out a pleasure for everyone.

Chris Christensen Systems: CombsChris Christensen Systems: Combs

The Buttertooth Comb, with its mix of fine/coarse teeth, is ideal for the Corgi double coat. Your first pass is with the coarse teeth, so that your second comb-out, with the fine teeth, is easy and smooth: no pulling on hair or skin.

Chris Christensen Systems: Peace & KindnessChris Christensen Systems: Peace & Kindness

This topical spray can remedy a variety of skin troubles and speeds healing of cuts and sores. Not just for Corgis, and not only for dogs, this treatment uses colloidal silver in distilled water as a natural antibiotic. Peace & Kindness proves the exception to the adage, "If it sounds too good to be true..."

Dremel Tool for ToenailsDremel Tool for Toenails

Completely Ouchless. Happy Corgis get treats before, during and after the nails get sanded, and it can be as relaxing as a good pedicure is for people. Just be sure not to sand too long in one spot - that can get too hot!

Eye Envy Starter Kit

Eye Envy Starter Kit This topical treatment removes and prevents tear stains with a two-step method. The first is a liquid cleanser; the second is a powder. The two-step process addresses the many factors that contribute to eye staining, particularly excessive tearing and overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. Do follow the instructions: the liquid is best kept refrigerated, and of course neither the liquid nor the powder is applied inside the eye itself.

Nature's Miracle Nature's Miracle

When you need a miracle, this stuff works. The Stain & Odor Remover does both, formulated to target the most difficult organic nastiness: vomit, urine, and feces. Should your Corgi ever have a close encounter of the third kind with a skunk, you will want the Skunk Odor Remover in your utility closet. It works ever so much better than tomato juice, or tomato soup concentrate, which is all most people have to hand when their Corgi meets a skunk in the back yard at midnight.

Eye Envy Starter Kit Rubber Dog Hair Remover by Petco

This little beauty is made of natural rubber with irresistible anti-static powers. Brush this over any surface to say goodbye to all the hairs, dust, lint, and dust bunnies that cling to your clothes, adhere to your comforter, and gather under your bed. Just wipe the debris off the brush, rinse or wash it if you like, and you're ready for the next big hairball that rolls your way.

Nature's Miracle ProCollar Premium Inflatable Protective Collar

Give up those nasty plastic cones and have a Donut instead. When a Corgi needs help healing, the ProCollar inflatable donut works without obstructing his vision. No more bumping into walls and getting stuck in corners, and zero calories; what better treat? Remember: Corgis are not Small dogs; measure first and order yours in Medium or Large.

Merrick Flossies Merrick Flossies

Corgis love these twisty things and they keep the teeth sparkling clean. Flossies are fun to chomp on because they wiggle around and jump up and down during chewing. Made of beef tendons, Flossies don't stain the carpet. Occasionally a little piece of Flossie gets snagged between the teeth, but savvy Corgis just go over to Mom and she helps out. Remember that no dog should be left unattended with any toy: no exceptions.

Sardine Oil (Sardines will do too) Sardine Oil (Sardines will do too)

Supplies the essential fatty acids a dog requires for healthy skin and coat and more. The oil is easier to dispense, especially with a pump bottle; feeding sardines is messier but very economical.


Dinosaur Toy & Extra EggsDinosaur Toy & Extra Eggs

This plush dinosaur has three removable squeaky eggs inside its pouch and two replacement eggs. Corgis love to remove the eggs and play with them. Stuff the eggs back inside the dinosaur for continued Corgi entertainment & try not to think about how much this resembles evisceration.

Lamb Filet Squares by Merrick Lamb Filet Squares by Merrick

This is Gizmo's favorite treat. Even if it is broken into the smallest, teeny-tiny pieces, he will come running for one. In CorgieWorld, "treat" means Merrick Lamb Filet Squares, and nothing else will do. Do wash your hands after you handle these; they are quite - ahem - fragrant. Or don't - instead, immediately go walking in the neighbourhood, and drive all the dogs wild.

Everlasting Fun BallEverlasting Fun Ball by StarMark

Break off a small-to-medium bit of a Lamb Filet Square by Merrick & place it inside the Everlasting Fun Ball. Sit back and enjoy hours of entertainment as your Corgi alternately plays soccer with the Fun Ball and tries to remove the treat. These are nearly indestructible except by the mammoth chewers out there, which means you and your Corgi are in for a lot of Everlasting Fun.

It is quite difficult to get the treats out, and the ball does tend to get stuck under furniture, so from time to time you will be summoned to either retrieve the ball from under the bed or break off a bit of treat. Consider it a bonus.

Doggon' Wheels Doggon' Wheels

May you never need this. But if a Corgi knee or vertebra should require surgery and recovery, or if anything else should limit a Corgi's mobility, these wonderful people make custom carts. Corgis, being rather smart and spunky, often take to them in one session and will race off as if someone put performance tires on their sports car.

Best of all, when your Corgi recuperates or no longer needs his wheels, these same lovely people will find a dog in need for the cart, and the wheels will go on rolling.

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